Don't let the difficulties of the present moments overshadow the reality of God's promises. God's promises still stand. And God's promises are stronger than our failures.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Is It Fall Yet?

I decided not to go to church this morning - at the football game Friday night I got too hot and was sick for hours after.  I had cold chills and was nauseated and it left me exhausted.  So I slept in today and then put out some of my fall decorations.  I love doing that!  I also cut up a dozen apples I had, added some sugar (just a tiny bit), a spoon of brown palm sugar, and some apple pie spice.  It's in the slow cooker now simmering and filling the air with a sweet aroma.

I've done a bit of stitching this week.  I completed  Peppermint (Little House pattern) and Joy...

This is a wool banner (pattern by Primitive Gatherings) that I'll use on one of my mantels this Christmas.

And just for fun here's a picture of two of my favorite fall decorations - two small hand stitched wool pumpkin pillows and a hand appliqued Pumpkin quilt.

Not great pictures but we've finally gotten a cloudy day with a hope of a little rain!  It's been a long time since we had rain so we have our fingers crossed.

I started working on a new cross stitch piece last night, a primitive piece, and after getting two rows of the border in realized I used two threads and should have used one.  It would be ok except I think I might not have enough thread (it was a kit).  I guess I'll go back and take it out.  :(  And even though I worked one whole day this week cleaning in my sewing room it's going to take another day to get everything put away.  Guess that will be my project for the next couple of days since I have a meeting and some errands to complete as well.  Have a great week ya'll and blessings to you!

Friday, September 11, 2015

Here and There

I'm still on the road more than I want to be but I think that's coming to a end in the next few days.  We went to visit my older brother for the day and drove home watching this beautiful sunset.

It's not a great picture since I took it with my cell phone but isn't that stunning!

We also drove down to Monroe, LA and picked up my youngest brother who was in the hospital there getting two more heart stents - he's up to over 30 now.  We took him home and sat on his front porch with he and his wife watching the rain.

My sister and aunt came to visit for a few days and after our aunt went to visit a cousin, my sister and I spent lots of hours sitting on the deck watching the lake and talking about getting older.  Do you remember when you were younger saying you weren't ever going to be one of those old women who sat around talking about what was wrong with them?  We've turned into those old women anyway.  :)

I found this picture on Google images and even though it's not my sister and I, it made me think of us and smile.  :)

And now we're at our son's for a couple of days.  He's a high school football coach so we went to the football game last night. Today we met my cousin and her husband for lunch and then went to visit her mother (who is my that really a real relationship?...) who I had not seen in over 50 years and even though she didn't know we were coming she recognized me!  She was amazing!

Andrew, our grandson who is 6 and in kindergarten, was enthralled with the tiny little mouse our son caught in the mousetrap last night - he'd been spied the night before scampering in our granddaughter's closet.  So he announced in class today that he "had good news and bad news....the good news is we caught a RAT last night and the bad news is there was blood EVERYWHERE!"  That was just a bit exaggerated.  :)

Andrew and his best friend have played until they can't play any more!

Tomorrow we'll head home and I hope I'll be staying for a while!  I'm doing some cross stitching, finishing up some quilt UFOs, going to a quilt group meeting and doing what my older friend says - "every woman needs to sit in her house sometimes and just look at her stuff."

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Home Again, Home Again

I love being what I call a "part-time missionary" but sometimes that service seems long and home seems so far away.  I was at the mission this last time for two months and my husband didn't get to go with me (though he did get to visit one weekend and I came home one weekend) so when it was time to come home last week I could hardly wait.  I've been busy, but it's a good kind of busy.  When I've been away for a while I want to "nest" when I come home.  I've cleaned out drawers and closets and pantries.  I've shopped and replenished canned goods and done some dehydrating.  Dehydrating is one of the easiest ways to store food and takes little effort.  This week I've dehydrated 18 bags of soup vegetables and some squash.

You can dehydrate frozen vegetables so I buy them when they're on sale - in this case Kroger had them $1.00 a bag.  The soup vegetables have onions, celery, carrots, peas, green beans, potatoes.  I can throw some of these in the crock pot this winter, along with some chicken broth and canned chicken and have a wonderful soup.  Or I can add beef broth and cooked hamburger and tomatoes.  The squash can be added to soup, rehydrated and then simmered with a little butter and onion or made into a squash casserole.

I want to do some canning but that will happen later when I'm not so tired from the time away from home.  Soup is my husband's favorite thing to be canned because when I'm not home he can just open up a jar and have a home cooked meal.  Since he hunts venison is our meat of choice for soup so next time I make venison soup we'll have one meal and I'll can the rest.

In the evenings I've been stitching.  I'm not fast but doing a little every day makes for some progress - I'm like the tortoise I suppose, slow but steady.  I finished this one I showed last time I posted...

I think I'll make this into a small bag to hang on a doorknob somewhere.  And then I started some Christmas, to make me think cool in the awful heat!

These are destined to be ornaments.....and hopefully before it's time to hang them on the tree.  :)

Today I'm off to see two of my siblings to celebrate Mother's birthday.  She would have been 91 today and I baked her favorite cake - Coca Cola Cake, with lots of pecans.  Our 4th sibling, who planned to come, made an unexpected trip to the hospital last night and this morning had his 30 something stent inserted.  Prayers for him would be appreciated.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Bits and Pieces....

Last night I was really tired but I didn't want to miss the meteor shower that I had read about 573 times that I saw a post about it on Facebook.  Well, maybe not that many posts but a lot.  :)  I went outside about at the mission there are lots of lights but I found a couple of dark places where I could stand and peer upwards.  Beautiful night; hot, but beautiful.  Lots of stars.  No meteors.  So I got up at 5:15 this morning and went out again because I read that there would be a better chance just before dawn.  I even walked, in the dark, alone, down the path to a "pasture" that is between my apartment and the warehouse.  It was a little cooler and there was a nice breeze and there were lots of stars.  No meteors.  If I had seen some meteors it would have looked something like this.

Obviously, since I didn't see a meteor I did the next best thing and found a picture on the internet.  :)

It's hot here.  It's even hotter at home.  I try to walk in the early mornings but even then when I step outside it feels like a blanket lays over me and it's hard to catch my breath.  I'm working on a cross stitch piece from Little House called Hands To Work - a really sweet pattern - but I'm thinking maybe I should find a Halloween or Thanksgiving pattern to start in an attempt to fool myself into believing cooler temperatures are just around the corner.  What can I say...I'm gullible.  I could probably fool myself.  :)

This is what I'm working on but I've just finished the house and the fence and the grass.  I've decided to leave the sheep off and probably the bird too.  This is obviously summer....right?

But what if I did this one?  Would I be thinking cooler thoughts?

Are you thinking this is a rambling post?  It is.  I can't seem to focus these hot summer days.  But if you'd like to have a good take your mind off the heat....check out this guy.  He has a bunch of short videos on YouTube and he makes me laugh!

Monday, August 3, 2015

Sometimes A Women Needs....

As many of you know my husband and I make frequent trips to a mission where we volunteer, usually for two months at a time, about 450 miles from home.  A lot of people don't understand how we can do that....leave home for so long.  But it's a calling that we feel in our hearts and a privilege to serve.  Last year I had a back injury and my husband went without me for six weeks.  This summer he had some business that kept him at home and I went without him.  It's not easy but with God's help we do fine....I really believe God invented cell phones for just such times as this.  :)  I drove down right after the 4th of July and two weeks later my husband came to spend the weekend with me. We talk on the phone 2 or 3 or 4 times a day. Now, two weeks after his trip, I came home for a long weekend.  A wise older woman told my sister one time that "sometimes a woman just needs to sit in her house and look at her stuff."  Oh how true that is!

When I first got home I walked through my house, fluffed a few pillows and adjusted a chair and put away dishes that were in the drainer....simple little things but actions that meant I laid my hands on "my stuff."  God created women for many things but one of the primary ones was to make a home for her family.  We clean and we do laundry and we cook....and we stitch.  Some of us knit or crochet, others quilt or do needle punch, and still more embroider or applique.  Among all the needful things we do we want to add a bit of beauty to our world and as we sit among our creations it's okay to be prideful of our work.  After all, God created us for this very work.  Since many if not most of us also have careers outside the home this small act of creating something of beauty is a balm to our souls.

I had lots of things to do while I was at home - a doctor's appointment, a visit to Lowe's to schedule a contractor for new siding, visiting both of our daughters, church, dinner with friends, a haircut, the library.  But I also made a brief stop in the sewing room and finished a couple of small things.

"Land That I Love" is a Lizzie Kate pattern that I made into a pillow---it's a bit plain but all those stars were catching my eye and I couldn't add anything to it.  I tried - a button, a cord, another border.  I think I'll just leave it simple; it's the perfect size to tuck into an antique child's rocker I have.  The photo ended up a bit dark but time was short so I did good to get a picture at all!

Faith is the first of the Sheep's Virtues from Little House that I've stitched.  I have several others, but not all, so I'm still on the hunt for the rest.  :)  That border - oh my.  For some reason I kept missing a stitch and took out two sides of it not once but twice!  I left off a center color in the border and changed the dot of the i from a heart to an x and I like it I think.  The buttons that I added work well I think and I see now that I need to fray the ends of the cord a bit more but all in all it's just what I wanted.  A bit on the primitive side....which is exactly how my house is.  Just a bit on the primitive side.  With a lot of farmhouse thrown in.  :)

I'm heading back to the mission tomorrow for just a few more weeks.  And I just added about a half dozen patterns to my bag, which was already pretty full, so how in the world will I choose?  Those long evenings just might mean I get more finishes before I get home!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Summer Time

I don't know about where you are but here at the mission it's hot.  Really, really hot.  Some mornings when I try to walk about 5:30 a.m. the humidity is so high I feel like I can't get a breath.  It's a good excuse to skip the exercise, as if I need one.  :)

I've finished up one more patriotic cross stitch piece.  I didn't even bring my sewing machine with me this time so my evenings are spent on handwork.  This one is by Lizzie Kate and is called Land That I Love.

My apologies for not at least having it ironed but an iron is something I'm living without for this six weeks away from home.  Can you see me smiling?  No iron!  :)

I've become enamored with some of the Little House patterns.  Well, more like addicted.  If anyone cares to feed my addiction with some patterns you're giving away or selling - it's definitely a weakness you could seriously take advantage of.  This is the one I'm working on right now.

Down here in Louisiana the sugar cane is growing so fast I can almost see it get taller overnight.  Ever seen sugar cane?

It reminds me a bit of corn.  It's about as tall as me and will be a lot taller when it's harvested in the fall.  It's so pretty and bright green after a rain....

And the early mornings on the bayou are so amazing.

Out in the distance there are barges and shrimp boats, waiting for the morning or for the season.

Back at home my grandmother's rain lily has bloomed.

This was a couple of weeks ago when there was quite a bit of rain.  Right now it's dry there...and the blooms have gone.  But the best thing about this rain lily is that when it rains it springs to life again.  Just watering it won't make it bloom.  It takes rain, almost as if God's watering it and it won't bloom until He does.

I brought a couple of small wool applique projects with me but it makes me sweat just to think about working on wool right now.  So, after work today, I'll be back with my Little House piece.  Wonder how they'd feel about me stitching at my desk....   :)